St David’s Day news

I see from Chris Paton’s blog that the Welsh parish register collection is due to go live on later today.  The article he links to suggests this includes 9 million records for baptisms, marriages and burials.

Obviously you will have to pay to get access to both the index and digital copies but this is a big step forward for the many researchers who live nowhere near Wales.


Doh! I knew I should have waited for the press release before posting the above. As you’ll see from this site, the Pembrokeshire records have not been posted yet, only those for Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Glamorganshire. I say only but this is still a big step forward as many of us will have ancestors who migrated from the Saundersfoot coalfield to Glamorgan and with Carmarthenshire so close to our area, you may find some interest there too.

The Pembrokeshire records are, according to the press release, due for posting in the “following weeks”.

Once we have the Church records online, what’s the likelihood of the Chapel records being posted too? A long way off methinks.

One thought on “St David’s Day news

  1. Hi Jon

    Thanks for that. I have a sub to findmypast and have been checking every day, except I didn’t have time to do it yesterday. It’s the Pembrokeshire records that I really want to see available. I’ve just looked at fmp website and it’s nice to see that the records are available in Welsh, if you’re a Welsh speaker of course which sadly I’m not!

    Thanks again Jon

    Best wishes
    Helen Carn

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