They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore…

I came recently across this short extract from the South Wales Daily News (5 June 1908) a reminder of what people do when there’s no sick pay or pension available to them.

“An Octogenarian Manager
62 Years at Saundersfoot Colliery
Mr John Thomas, under-manager at Bonville (sic) Court Colliery, Saundersfoot, is in his 82nd year, yet, notwithstanding his advanced age, he is able to work regularly and is at the colliery every morning at 5 o’clock. He has been engaged at Saundersfoot since 1846, and therefore has now completed 62 years’ service. If brought to the notice of the Board of Trade, this would entitle Mr Thomas to their long service medal. Mr Thomas has never been absent from work owing to illness”.

Thomas lived at Temple Bar on the parish boundary between Begelly and St Issells.

2 thoughts on “They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore…

  1. William Gwyther, baptised St Issells 14/01/1798 died 10/03/1851 buried in St Issells. Considering that you have a plan of the graveyard, can you advise me his location (plot number)
    Jeff Richards

    • Good afternoon

      Many thanks for your post.

      The plan (held by the Pembrokeshire Archives ref. HSPC/18/103) only covers the Burial Board phase and, as far as I recall from looking at it about 5 years ago, doesn’t identify pre-existing plots.

      Some years ago I did try to locate all the pre-BB plots still marked with stones. There were only a handful and none related to any Gwythers.


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