Some More Jam Tomorrow…Welsh Parish Registers

Interesting post on Dick Eastman’s reliable genealogy blog… are one of the main partners in this project. In my post about their digitising and indexing of the Chelsea Pensioner records, I made the point that Findmypast could have provided more data in the index to more easily locate matches.

In the land of so many Thomas, Davies and Jones the new index must be more efficient to search.

One thought on “Some More Jam Tomorrow…Welsh Parish Registers

  1. Welsh Parish Registers,
    I am a member of the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society and in the latest issue (May 2011) of their news journal, mention is made that are within the next 2 years going to digitise 893,000 images of Welsh Parish Registers, these contain 8 million baptisms,marriages and burials, and this info will be available for the first time as a fully searchable index, with some of the records dating back to the 1500,s also free access to the images
    will be available through all Archive Services in Wales.
    Presumably records will be released gradually over this 2 year period as digitisation progresses.
    Obviously FMP will need to be subscribed to if you want to access these at home, but at least you will not have to visit Record Offices in person to get the most basic of family records.

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