Some Jam Tomorrow…

The link below takes you to a good update on one of the National Library of Wales’ key digitisation programmes, that of its newspaper collection.

To see what will be included, I searched the contents of the Library’s collection on the Newsplan Cymru site. The results of the search make a distinction between what the Library has on hard copy and its large microfilm collection. The Library has confirmed that it’s just the hard copies that will be made available in 2012. Amongst other titles, we will therefore  get access to a complete run of the Pembrokeshire Herald (from 1844-1910), but only some editions of the older regional titles such as The Cambrian and The Welshman and very few of the various Tenby newspapers of the late 1800s. Missing gaps tend to be well covered by the microfilm collection.

If this sounds like I am carping,  I am not. The Library’s web site states that access will be from “wherever and whenever it is convenient to the user and completely free of charge”. Whatever local material they make available will be a great boon.

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