Don’t Forget The St Issells Burial Board Register

St Issells churchyard showing burial board plot area to left of wall on right, over ditch and through trees, November 2010. Click to enlarge

St Issells churchyard showing Burial Board plot area, to left of wall on right, including over ditch and through trees, November 2010. Click to enlarge

Did you know there was a municipal cemetery in the parish of St Issells in the 1800s? There was one, opened in 1862. But confusingly it forms a large part of the graveyard attached to St Issells parish church. If you know the spot, most of the area over the stream to the south-west of the church was effectively a municipal cemetery owned and managed by the St Issells Burial Board. Formed in 1861 under the auspices of the 1853 Burial Act one of the Board’s objectives was to provide the final local resting place for many from Saundersfoot and the surrounding area be they “church or chapel”.

At the time Saundersfoot was a growing hotspot of non-conformism. For staunch chapel goers, burial in St Issells parish churchyard before 1862 would have been anathema. The Burial Board cemetery changed matters: it was non-denominational and saved mourners having to travel more than a mile out of the village to the graveyards at Bethesda, Sardis or Cold Inn.

Thankfully the Burial Board burial register for 1862-1922 has survived. It is a treasure trove of useful information for family and local historians. At first glance the data contained in the register appears to be the same as in the parish burial register. This is wrong as the following table shows:

Name Same
Date of burial Same
Place of death Sometimes differs
Age at death Same
Description E.g. occupation, status such as widow or pauper
Officiating minister Name only
Plot number Should correlate with a plan that’s also part of the Burial Board collection – but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t!
Additional information For some burials only; e.g. cause of death especially where from a pit accident, or in 1866 cholera outbreak **

In reality the board register is a superset of the parish burial register. But there are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes the data does differ and in important ways. For example the parish register shows that William Davies died in 1898 at his home, Winifred Place (next to Saundersfoot station). The board register shows he died at Carmarthen Asylum. This entry is an obvious boon locating the death in a different registration district. So, even if you have already found your ancestors’ burials in the parish register, do make a note to check the board register as there could be additional helpful information.

St Issells Church – Burial Board plot stretches away to left

The register’s real strength is as a record of non-conformist burials for the Saundersfoot area. Analysis of the 1008 burials shows that 2/3rd of them were “church” burials, the rest being “chapel”. They include burials for Baptists, Independents as well as Primitive, Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodists. Obviously it does not list burials at Bethesda, Sardis or Kingsmoor chapels. But with so few records surviving for the local chapels, the board register is a gem.


Pembrokeshire Record Office, St Issells Burial Board Register, 1862-1922 (ref HSPC/18/3).


I have a transcription of the register so if you require a look-up or two, do let me know. My transcription does not including plot numbers.

If you are a member of the Society of Genealogists, a database containing this register is available in the Members’ Area of the society’s web site.

** Nikki Bosworth of the Record Office published an interesting article on the register in the Dyfed Family History Society’s journal (April 2010) focusing especially on these additional comments.

77 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The St Issells Burial Board Register

  1. Hi ,could you please do a lookup for a Daniel Rees,died 1875,aged approx 65 at Treberth Gate,also his wife Harriet,aged 56 in 1871 Census.No trace of her after this date.
    Thank you

    • Morning Alan

      Daniel Rees does not appear in the register – nor any other likely Rees’s. Treberth Gate is (off the top of my head) closer to Sardis Independent Chapel or Kingsmoor Primitive Methodist Chapel than the parish church. He could as likely have been buried there as the church unless a staunch churchman.

      “Dan Rees” does appear however in another set of records, the Narberth Union Poor Law Abstracts. A collection of these is held at the Pembrokeshire Record Office (cat ref HDX/1026/1/x) .Each abstract lists all those in receipt of parish relief in/out of the workhouse over a 6-month period. Daniel Rees appears twice as follows:

      6 months to 25/3/1875, residence Treberth, age 65, relief for 19 weeks at 2s 6d a week, cause “old age” (HDX/1026/1/7)
      6 months to 29/9/1875, residence Treberth, age 65, relief for 2 weeks at 2s 6d, cause “age” (HDX/1026/1/8)

      From your email I assume he died sometime in the early Spring.

      I can’t find Harriet in any records for St Issells other than the 1871 census you quote.

      Hope that helps


  2. Would you please check to see if you have any Gunter’s buried in the municipal plots for St Issells, specifically George and Sarah Gunter who died 1868 and 1869

    • Hello Barry

      There are 4 burials in the board plot – all of which were buried according to church rites. As a result their burials also appear in the church burial register as well.

      Both George and Sarah are listed as follows:

      Sarah Gunter, aged 85, Stepaside, collier’s wife, buried 20/12/1868
      George Gunter, aged 84, Stepaside, collier, 24/3/1869

      The St Issells burial register shows their place of death for both as Kingsmoor.

      The 2 other burials are:

      William Gunter, coalminer, aged 21, Stepaside, 14/4/1864
      John Gunter, parish clerk, 75, Clerk’s Cottage, 20/8/1908

      I hope this helps.


  3. That’s perfect thanks for getting back to me so quickly William I am sure is not a direct line relative but may be on of George’s nephews I will need to check on John. Does the register give plot references on a recent visit to St Issells I looked in vain for George and Sarah’s grave. I live in Yorkshire so its quite a trek to see them.

    Thank so much for the information it will make my dad’s day

    • Yes, there are plot numbers.

      Sarah was buried in #15, George in #16.

      I’d recommend going to the RO first and having a look at the plan. As the graves are roughly in chronological layout, also take a look at the Burial Board register itself to find out who the 6 or so burials before/after George/Sarah’s deaths were. The plan tends to be inaccurate and locating nearby graves with stones adds more certainty if George/Sarah’s stones are not there.

  4. Hi Jon, Thanks for bringing our attention to the board register. I also hadn’t realized that the St Issells register has plot numbers. If I lived closer I’d like the challenge of trying to map it.
    I have a question for Barry: Do you know Sarah Gunter’s maiden name? They were apparently married pre-1813 as they are not listed in Pem marriages 1813-1837.
    I have a number of Gunters attached to my Begelly based tree (including the John G. mentioned above), but I have not figured out how George and Sarah are related.

  5. For Rachel,
    Sarah Gunter’s maiden name was Richards they were married in 1811. George and Sarah had four children Ann baptised 5th July 1812 at St Issells Ann Married Henry Lewis and is my 3 x great grandmother; George baptised 28th May 1814 at St Mary’s Tenby George married Martha Absolom; Jane baptised 26th May 1816 at St Mary’s Tenby I have no other record for Jane; and Sarah baptised 6th June 1825 Sarah married George Thomas

  6. Hi Jon

    would you mind checking to see if you have any of these folk listed please?

    Ann[e] Williams who died between 1891 and 1901. She lived at Wiston but I haven’t been able to locate any record of a burial there.
    Her father, William Rosser was born ~1814 and died between 1881-1891 and her mother, Jane [nee Edwards] Rosser born ~ 1808 and died between 1861-1871.
    Jane’s father, John Edwards born ~ 1771 and died Q3 1843.

    Many thanks,

    • Afternoon Lynda

      Thanks for your interest.

      I had a look for Ann(e) Williams in the Burial Board register for 1891/1901 as well as the other names but I didn’t find anything of note.

      Wiston is about 15 miles from St Issells. Do you have any indications that the family originated in St Issells or other local parishes such as Begelly or Amroth?


  7. Hi !
    Have just visited St. Issells Parish Church to search for my ancestors. Rather a hurried visit and unsuccessful in finding any relatives’ graves. would be grateful if you could check births/deaths of:
    Nathaniel Collins (senior) born circa 1818-21, living at Churchton, St. Issells in 1841.

    Wife Margaret Morgans (nee Waters) died 1882 aged 79 years. Margaret was a farmer’s widow (Broadfield Farm, St. Mary Out Liberty – now a campsite) and Nathaniel was a farm labourer but he married Margaret and became a farmer !

    Nathaniel Collins (son of above) born St. Issells 1846. He married his wife Anne Alice Dunkley (from Leicestershire). Nathaniel was a carpenter as were the Dunkleys – this may have brought these families together.

    Am interested in any Collins/Morgans/Waters burials.

    Margaret’s father was James Waters. Nathaniel senior’s parents were Thomas Collins and Martha Collins (nee Morris).
    Very grateful for any help.

    • Hello Tim

      Not much to offer from the Burial Board index. Only 1 of Nathanial’s family is recorded as buried there nor any Waters of that particular family.

      The exception is Nathanial and Margaret’s daughter, Martha Collins, buried at St Issells on 29/10/1877 aged 29, residence Broadfield, Tenby. The officiating minister was Rev Dalton, the local vicar, so her burial will also appear in the St Issells parish burial register.

      However, one of Margaret’s children from her first marriage is buried there: John Morgan died 15/4/1863, residence Churchton. The officiating minister on 19/4/1863 was Rev Mathias, Independent minister. Morgan could have attended either of Sardis or Bethel (now Thomas Memorial) Chapels living roughly half-way between the two.

      If you haven’t seen it, his father’s will is on the NLW Probate site. I have some information from estate and tithe records about Churchton if you are interested.

      Always thought Margaret (nee Waters), widow of a well-to-do farrmer, must have caused quite a stir having at least 3 children by Nathanial Collins – a servant per 1841 census – before they married.


      • Thanks, Jon.
        Would be grateful for the info you mentioned re the estate and tithe records for Churchton. I think Churchton was the farm that Margaret ‘owned’ and where Nathaniel worked before they moved to Broadfield.

      • Here we are, Tim

        Churchton was a fair-sized tenancy for the area at around 50 acres. The Hean Castle estate, based up the lane form the church, was the owner of the freehold. There are a couple of contradictions in the estate/tithe records as follows:

        Tithe – Sept 1842: tenant of 53 acres of house, buildings garden, yards and fields at Churchton shown as John Morgan – but surely he is dead?
        List of tenants – June 1846: John Morgan tenant of house and land at Churchton for £30 p.a. on 1-life lease (poss also tenant of field at KIln Park as well) – (Pem RO D/PEH/2/21)
        Valuation – Repeats previous entry but also states he held 40 acres (NLW Mss 2952B)
        Estate sales particulars – repeats above but lease is held on 3-lives dated 1/2/1838, the only life of which is “Mrs Morgan now Collins aged 59 – (PEM RO D/RTP/5/131)

        So, the confusion arises in the continuation of John Morgan’s name in the first three entries and also the terms it was held on.


    • Hello Tim.
      I am currently researching my family tree links (waters) from the st issells and begelly area. :9 you fancy getting in touch via email? Maybe we have some connections..?

      • Hi, Natalie. My Waters connection centres around Margaret Waters (b. circa 1806; d.1882). She married a Mr. Morgan, a farmer. My relative, Nathaniel Collins was a farm labourer who worked for the Morgans and eventually married Margaret. I think Margaret’s father was James Waters, a labourer born circa 1796. That’s all I have. Would love to hear from you. I’m pretty busy attending an inquest for a couple of weeks but don’t let that put you off replying.. Regards. Tim

      • Hi Natalie: Like Tim, I am also descended from Nathaniel Collins, born 1818 and would be interested to find out about Margaret Waters, his first wife. Will follow your exchange with interest! Carol Cook (nee Collins).

  8. Hi there, I am trying to find out about my relatives who lived at Thomas Chapel, would they be buries at Narberth, Thomas Chapel os St Issels do you think?The names I have are James Adams aged 57 ant the 1851 Census, his wife Anne Adams, they had 3 children Elizabeth ( who is my great great grandmother ) then aged 17 and two sons John and James aded 14 and 11 respectively. Elisabeth moved out of the area and landed up in Swansea. She married a Thomas Phillips whose parents also lived in Begelly, Thomas Phillips and James Adams were both coalminers, I am hoping to find out where they are buried, Thank you

    • Hello Jo

      The hamlet of Thomas Chapel is in Begelly parish so the local church (and its burial registers held at the Pembrokeshire RO) would be your first port of call. Also in the parish there is the former Zion Methodist chapel with a graveyard attached but no registers. There are also Adams’ (from Begelly) burials at Molleston Baptist Chapel a couple of miles north of Thomas Chapel.


  9. Hi Jon

    oops! didn’t get a ‘ping’ to alert me that you had replied and only now that I’m back on site, that I spotted you had replied to me.. sorry about that…

    Thanks for checking for me though…. The family spent their entire life living in Wiston – Ann [Rosser] Williams is traceable living at Spite Cottage in Clarbeston Rd from 1851 census with her parents and sibling as a 5 year old , right through to 1924 when her husband Lemuel Williams died aged 74 …

    I’m grasping at straws trying to locate where they may be buried as not having much success at the moment – looks like I can cross St Issells off the list of possibilities through eh!


  10. that’s a great suggestion Jon and will follow that up ….. Thanks for checking Begelly ad Reyalton..


  11. Trying to find burial registers for Henry Lewis killed in Narberth Mine Disaster 16 Jun 1838 married to Anne (also wondered if her burial was registered here. Daughter Priscilla who married William James in 1866 at Narberth. Believe Priscilla died 1884 at Bedwelty – not sure could have been Narberth area. Grateful if you could find any record of them for me.

  12. Message to Barry if he comes back and reads the boards. I think you are Evan’s son who was my grandads brother – Weldon. Please get in touch if you can.

  13. Excellent SIte. Barry and I obviously share the same relations so to find the info he put on here about the Gunters has taken me one step further.

    • Hello Hazel

      Thanks for your comments.

      Apologies for the delay in responding. I have asked Barry if I can send you his email address. Bear with me.


  14. I am getting confused regarding St Issells Church as I seem to find two photographs both in Wales of St Issells Church. There is the one on this page but one which is very small and rural. Can you tell me if there are two or one is before restoration and additions? With thanks

    • Hello Hazel

      There are two churches in Pembrokeshire (that I know of) named after St Issells. The picture on here relates to the parish in which Saundersfoot is. The church is in a beautiful spot and well-worth a visit in its own right.

      The other is in the parish of Harroldston St Issells which is several miles to the west of Saundersfoot and close to Haverfordwest. I assume the picture of the small rural church you have seen is for that church.


    • Good afternoon, Sue

      Apologies for the delay in responding.

      Nope, there are Herberts of any variation in the St Issells Burial Board register. As you may well know, there are several Herbert burials in the parish church of Begelly.


  15. Hello Jon,

    I’ve found your site very interesting reading (I am a descendant of the seemingly exceptional James Thomas of Thorny Park). Living in London, I wondered if you might be willing to look up the presence of either the Thomases of Thorny Park, or my other family, the Thomases (Isaac and Martha d. 1882) of “Begelly Bridge” (I think).



    • Daniel

      Thanks for your comments. The two families you mention don’t appear in the St Issells Burial Board Register as they were mostly buried at Begelly (or East Williamston church).

      As you are in London you may want to visit the Society of Genealogists (near Farringdon) as they have copies of the Begelly and St Issells parish registers on microfilm. They also have a copy of the Burial Board Register on the society’s members-only web site which I assume you can access if you visit. If you are not a member there is a charge for using the library. See their web site for more details…

      I will contact you via email about some other thoughts about these families. And I do agree that James Thomas’ conduct in bringing that court case stands out.


    • Dear Daniel

      I am also a direct descendant of James Thomas of Thorny Park. I have only just spotted your post and would be glad if you could contact me with a view to sharing what information we have between us.


    • Dear Daniel:

      I have only just spotted your post. I am also a direct descendant of James Thomas of Thorny Park and would be glad if you could contact me with a view to sharing what information we have collected on him and his family.


    • Dear Daniel:
      I am also a descendant of James Thomas. I was wondering whether you have a tree on the Ancestry site? Perhaps we could share our information?

  16. Good Evening Jon,

    My Grandmother Susan Edith Jones who lived in Ridgeway Cottages (No.5) died in childbirth on 19th November 1922 aged 30. She and my Grandfather Edgar Jones had 6 children however three died very young, Dorothy Elizabeth Ann on 10th January 1919 aged 5, Elizabeth Ann on 12th April 1920 aged 17 days and Willam/William John who I cannot find any trace of.

    Can you find and records of all four above at St.Issells.

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Colin

      Yep, I have some data on several Jones you refer to.

      The St Issells Burial Board register records 2 burials as follows:
      17/1/1919: Dorothy Elizabeth Jones, child, aged 5, Council Houses, Ridgeway, service conduced by Rev Rosser, C of E minister. There’s an entry in the Narberth Weekly newspaper about her burial in the 23/1/1919 edition stating that “Dossie Jones” was buried, daughter of Gunner Edgar Jones who was in France at the time; her mother was too ill to attend.

      14/4/1920: Elizabeth Ann Jones, daughter of Edgar Jones, aged 17 days, of Council Houses, Saundersfoot.Service conducted by Rev J WIlliams, Congregational Minister.

      Susan Edith Jones’ burial is recorded in the main parish burial register on 23/11/1922 aged 31, residing at 5 Council Houses, Ridgeway. The Narberth Weekly recorded in the 30/11/1922 edition that she was the daughter of William Thomas of Cross Lane, KIlgetty and wife of Edgar Jones. He was in the RGA “and has found work difficult to get since so this is another blow.” There’s a list of attendees at the burial and wreathes.

      All very sad. There’s nothing obvious about William Jones

      You might want to get a copy of the Narberth Weekly entry for the mother’s burial as the list of attendees can often be full of detail. The British Library at Colindale has copies of this as does the Haverfordwest Library I think.


  17. That’s fantastic news, I have just sent an e-mail to Haverfordwest Library seeking assistance in obtaining the articles that you have highlighted, I am forever in your debt.

    Incidentally, Edgar was born and raised in Tenby and met Susan Edith Thomas when she was resident there, working in one of the hotels. The Missing son, William or William John may have been born before they moved to Saundersfoot and he may have died there, or after Edgar moved back to Tenby following her death.

    I believe that whilst in Saundersfoot he worked in a local coal mine as previous to leaving Tenby, he was a post boy (in the 1911 Census) prior to the War, they were married at Pembroke Register Office on 23rd November 1912. I have no idea which mine he worked in and in what capacity but I guess that this may have been up until he went away to War and possibly for a while on his return.

    Edgar moved back to Tenby with his young family where his family gave him support until the children were able to look after themselves.

  18. Jon,

    Would you have a burial for Henry Davies, died 29 July 1905 in Porth, Glamorgan? I’ve not been able to find his burial in that surrounding area. He was from St. Issells and was married there in 1876 to Elizabeth Watkins. Several people have suggested that he might have been taken back to St. Issellls for burial.


    • Good evening Barb

      I have drawn a blank on a burial for him in the St Issells Burial Board register.

      I see that most of his siblings were baptised at Kingsmoor Primitive Methodist Chapel. Maybe he was buried at the chapel, there’s a small-ish yard there with room for 100 plots (according to an 1890s plan I have seen) but next to no stones survive. I also doubt if these 100 plots were all used. However, he might not have been ‘chapel’ at all as 2 of his own children were baptised at St Issells church (ELizabeth and Alice Louisa)


    • Good evening Barb

      I have drawn a blank on a burial for him in the St Issells Burial Board register.

      I see that most of his siblings were baptised at Kingsmoor Primitive Methodist Chapel. Maybe he was buried at the chapel, there’s a small-ish yard there with room for 100 plots (according to an 1890s plan I have seen) but next to no stones survive. I also doubt if these 100 plots were all used. However, he might not have been ‘chapel’ at all as 2 of his own children were baptised at St Issells church (ELizabeth and Alice Louisa)


      • HI Jon,

        Thank you for this new information. I apologize for not replying sooner; but, as someone new to blogs, I couldn’t find my way back to my post until a few minutes ago. (I think I understand it now.)

        Are there other children for Henry and Elizabeth who were baptized and/or died between 1876 and February 1885 (my grandfather was born in Porth, Glamorgan at this time)? The 1911 census indicates 2 children had died.

        I have Henry’s parents as David and Jane (possibly Brinn/Brim?) Davies with 11 children born from about 1847-1868? Is that what you have?

        Re. Henry’s siblings who were not baptized at St. Issells, do you know where they were baptized?


      • Evening Barb

        The only baptisms I have for children of Henry and Elizabeth are:
        Elizabeth Davies was baptised at St Issells church 3/12/1876, residence Kilgetty Station
        Alice Louisa Davies, St Issells, 16/11/1879, residence Cross Roads

        There are no obvious burials at St Issells during the period you are interested.

        Some of Henry’s siblings were baptised at Kingsmoor Primitive Methodist Chapel – see the file on the last post on the blog for the details. There appear to be 11 children in all. You are on the right track with his parents being David Davies and Jane Brinn, a large local family. Their marriage was at St Issells church 6/3/1847, husband’s residence being Kingsmoor, occupation servant, son of Henry Davies; she was resident at the time at Kingsmoor as well, father Richard Brinn.


  19. Good Evening Jon,

    Thank you for the new information re. my family. In one short week, you’ve taken my research back further and confirmed other research. I’m most grateful.


  20. Hello there, I was hoping you might know if any of my Harries family are buried there.
    Thomas Harries died abt 1876, and his wife Jane (I’m afraid I’m not sure just when she died)
    Their son James Harries was born in 1849 and I was wondering if he or any of their children had been christened.
    I am planning on visiting the Church and the grounds very soon, and fingers crossed will find some of the family buried there- which will help a great deal with my research.
    Thankyou for your time,
    Kind Regards,

    • Good evening Emily

      Both Thomas and his wife, Jane, are buried at St Issells. These are the details:

      Thomas buried 1/10/1876, residence Saundersfoot, church burial (not chapel)
      Jane buried 6/10/1897, Scar Cottage, Saundersfoot, church burial

      Of their children, only James appears to have been baptised at St Issells. I have some details from the Narberth Weekly newspaper about James’ death if you’d like me to send them to you.

      I hope you have a great time visting. The church is in a beautiful spot.


    • I am interested in the Thomas harries and Jane you mentioneD. So you know if her maiden name was Waters?

  21. I am interested in any information on the names – Gunther, Webborn, Vaughan from st Issells.

    • Good evening

      Many thanks for your enquiry. George and Martha (nee Absalom) Gunter, parents of Charlotte who married Reuben Webborn, are buried at Sardis (Independent) Chapel, a mile or so from Saundersfoot. Have a look at the following site for details:

      Martha’s parents are buried at Sardis as well. George’s are buried in the St Issells Burial Board plot, details as follows:

      Sarah Gunter: buried 22/12/1868, aged 78, residence Kingsmoor
      George Gunter: buried 24/3/1869, aged 86, residence Kingsmoor, occupation collier

      Both were ‘church’ burials.


  22. Hi Jon
    Many thanks for such a great resource, as a Pembrokeshire boy from Milford, but with a Brace grandmother descended from the Loveston/Begelly Braces I was particularly interested. I have taken on the unenviable task of decoding all the Braces of South Pembrokeshire (There are none north of the Cleddau!) My family were generally Non Conformists, one of them became a minister and probably influenced the others!, so I’m hoping that the burial board registers may yield some Brace burials. If you have time to look up any Braces for me, that would be great. Otherwise its a trip to the Records Office next time I visit Mum and Dad in Milford
    Mark Llewellyn Hughes

    • Morning Mark

      Thanks for getting in touch. There are some seven Braces in the register, three of them buried with non-conformist ministers officiating. I have emailed you the extract.

      I hope this helps you on that large and interesting project you have. Do let me know if you need further information.


    • Hi Mark
      I am a Brace by marriage. My husband Robert’s line is John Evan Thomas Brace (1916 Manorbier-1981), Arthur (1888 St Issells-), Evan (1837 Carew-1924), John (abt 1809 Carew-). His father is either Benjamin (1789 Cresswell Quay-) whose father was William (1756 Monkton- ) or Thomas (1776 Carew-) whose father was Thomas (abt 1750 Jeffreston). I have tried to unravel the Braces in my research so I would love to hear from you and see what you have come up with.
      All The best,

  23. Hi am trying to find the grave location for Henry Richards, 1755, d. 1827 Kilgetty, bur. 16 Oct 1827, St Issells, have been to St Issells a number of times looking for his grave but have been unable to find, please can you help, regards Dylan Richards

    • Hello

      Thanks for your post. I have had a look at my notes about pre-Burial Board burials at St Issells and can’t add anything. It is a few years since I visited the church. If memory serves me right, there are a few early 1800s stones around the church building itself but I assume you looked there.


  24. Hi, I see you don’t have the burial register for the year 1853 but wondered if perhaps you may have some odd notes relevant to my search. My ancestor George Taylor ships master of Rye (sussex) died aboard his ship in the harbour at Saundersfoot on 19th August 1853, There was an inquest at the Picton Castle Inn the following day and a verdict reached (heart disease) Have you any idea where he might be buried? It would probably be too far to take him home to sussex i would have thought. Thank you for any help you may offer me, Yours in anticipation Maureen

    • Good evening Maureen

      Thanks for your inquiry. I have a transcription of the St Issells church burial register for 1853. You are right to surmise that George Taylor was buried there, on 20 August 1853 aged 47. His address is shown as “on board ‘Robert of Sandwich’ lying in harbour”. I also have a transcript of the bill submitted to the Quarter Sessions for payment by the coroner which records that Taylor’s cause of death was described as “dropped dead”.

      I assume you have found the short report of his death in the Pembrokeshire Herald (26/8/1853) which is available online.


      • Dear Jon, thank you so much for the information re George Taylor’s death. Fancy just “dropping dead”. i imagine the mourners would have been a couple of crew members. Would there have been a service of some kind? Church or chapel? Presumably there is no grave number available or tombstone. I am interested in a copy of the transcript that you have of the bill submitted to the Q.S and would be grateful if you could copy it to me. My email is Thanks again you have helped to solve a mystery all the best Maureen

  25. I was wondering if there is any record of the grave, presumably at St Issells Church, of a Thomas Davies Jones, a farmer from Saundersfoot, who married a Martha, don’t know when, or her maiden name. Their son was David Lloyd Jones 1882 – 1918 who is buried in St. Catherine’s Church, Baglan, Port Talbot, aged 36.
    Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

    • Thanks for your inquiry.

      I can find no entry in the burial board register for Thomas Davies Jones. Seeing that David Lloyd Jones was baptised at St Issells (16 July 1882), I assume that his father would be buried at there.


      • Thanks Jon for finding the baptismal date of my Grandfather. David Lloyd Jones was one of six boys and one daughter who moved from Saundersfoot and lived at Lan Farm, Llansamlet, Swansea.

  26. Hi could you look up and any children or parents of Titus Davies died 1892 and Elizabeth Davies of white park and buried in st issells please.?

    • Good evening James

      Thanks for your message. These are the two relevant entries in the St Issells Burial Board Register.

      Elizabeth Davies was buried at St Issells on 20 August 1892. Aged 56 and a labourer’s wife, her residence is shown as Ridgeway, St Issells. The service was conducted by Rev Jones, a ‘church’ burial.

      Titus Davies was buried at St Issells church, 23 January 1894. He was aged 58, from Ridgeway, St Issells and the service was conducted by Rev. Jones, a ‘church’ burial.

      White Park was (is?) off the Ridgeway. As both were church burials, I looked up their entries in my transcript of the St Issells Burial Register. This confirms the above but also states that the residence was White Park for Elizabeth and White Park Cottage for Titus.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you need clarification or other look-ups.


      • Thanks Jon
        These are my great great grandparents and I have been to visit their headstones and also found the headstone of their son Stephen who was killed by a tram in 1883.
        I have found Titus was born in llancone st issells Pembrokshire do you have any idea where llancone is.?
        Also do u have any records for any of their other children buried at st issells.?

      • Afternoon James

        As you know, Stephen Davies is buried at St Issells as well. The Burial Board Register confirms he was a collier, aged 15 of Saundersfoot buried on 30 October 1883. The service was conducted by Rev Melchizedec Evans, the local Congregational minister who covered both the local Sardis and Bethel chapels. There’s a note against Stephen’s name in the register: “killed” – I assume a reference to that accident your referred to. Have you seen the report of the inquest in the Tenby Observer 1/11/1883 pg 5 – see the Welsh Newspapers Online collection if not?

        I can’t see any more obvious White Park Davies surnames in the burial registers. While there are no relevant baptisms, there are several marriages in the church marriage register. Let me know if you don’t have these and I’ll forward the details via email.

        I have no idea where Llancone is. I don’t think it is in St Issells. Perhaps subscribe to the following mailing list This has various expert Pembrokeshire genealogists able to answer questions such as this.


      • Thank you Jon much appreciated.
        Yes if you could forward me the marriage details that would be great.
        Many thanks and hopefully I can find out where llancone is.
        Many thanks again

  27. Hi Jon
    I am trying to find out where my great great grandfather was buried but it is so difficult because his name – John Thomas is so common. Does the Burial Board Register mention anyone of that name? He would have died in about 1872- 78 ( aged 72-78 ) . His address in the 1871 Census was Railway Inn and in 1861 he lived in Railway Street . He was a Farrier and lived with his daughter Ann.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks a lot.

    • Good afternoon

      Thanks for getting in touch. I have checked the Burial Board Register transcript and there’s no-one obvious in the list.

      However, I also have an incomplete transcript of the Narberth Union lists of those receiving indoor and/or outdoor relief between 1871 and 1881. (see my post for more details). In the listing for 25 March 1879, John Thomas, aged 75, of Railway, St Issells, was in receipt of outdoor relief due to old age. Unfortunately I don’t have access to my photocopies of all the original documents so I can’t tell how long he was in receipt of relief for. He is not listed in 25/3/1877 or 25/3/1881 lists that I did transcribe. Judging from previous experience it may be that tracing his payment record in the lists may throw light on his date of death – if in the same area. For example, a payment made for a coffin. (I am aware that Thomas’ age in the 1871 census and the age quoted above don’t tally but the residence does so assume they are one and the same).

      If you aren’t planning a visit to the Pembrokeshire Archives anytime soon then you may want to ask the Archives staff to check the records for you. They will probably charge you for this. The catalogue reference is HDX/1026/1 and provide the dates you want them to search e.g. 1877 to 1882.

      I hope that helps.


      • Hi Thank you so much for your swift response. I will certainly try to visit Pembrokeshire Archives later this summer

  28. Good morning, I’m wondering if you could be so kind as to assist with regards to the current ownership, maintenance, responsibilities for the lower cemetery to the side of the church & school buildings. I am a serving member of the community council & we are attempting to identify the existence of records &/or deeds. I would very much appreciate if you could get in touch. Thanks in advance.

  29. Hi
    I am looking for a Jane Harries ((1863-1893))

    Ann Waters ((1823-1898))

    Is there a way I can find plot numbers?
    Can I just turn up at the cemetery and have a look?

    I know that they lived in broom lane, Thomas chapel.

    Would you have baptism records there?


    • Good afternoon Natalie

      If they lived at Broom Lane (Thomas Chapel) in Begelly parish, then I’d expect both to be buried either at Zion CM chapel or at Begelly parish church. It is is unlikely either would be in the St Issells burial board plot as this is in a different parish altogether (ie. St Issells).

      Checking my transcription of the Begelly parish church burial register I see that Jane Harries was buried there on 13 June 1893 aged 28, her residence at the time of death being Kingsmoor so about a mile away from Broom Lane.

      I can find no reference to an Ann Waters being buried locally in 1898.

      All the local church and chapel yards are open to the public. I am pretty certain that no records survive for any of them giving locations of graves so take pot luck if you do visit.


    • Thanks for your enquiry.

      I had a look through the St Issells parish church register just now and can’t see anyone of that name recorded.


  30. Hi Jon,

    I can’t believe that I’ve been researching my family history for over 5 years and only now read about this!

    I have deep Prout connections to the area and feeding over into Amroth and was wondering what records you may have on them in the burial board register above.

    Please feel free to e-mail me.

    Kind Regards,

    Mark Cole

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